Noodlehead Sprinkler Conserves Water

Noodlehead Sprinkler Conserves Water

Twelve pinpoint nozzles reduce your water bill!
Great for irregularly-shaped areas
Creates lively fountain displays in your flowerbed
Now you don't have to choose between conserving water and keeping your garden green. The Noodlehead Sprinkler waters irregularly shaped areas without wasting water on nearby sidewalks or buildings. Twelve flexible noodle nozzles point water to where it's needed, Waters a 20' x 20' area or 40' strip..

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How do you grow squash and zucchini

There’s a reason zucchini, a summer squash, is such a popular crop in the home garden: it’s easy to start, can be grown in containers, and once zucchini plants start producing, they can be amazingly prolific.

Since zucchini seeds will come to maturity quickly – about 45-55 days – even August is plenty of time to plant for an early fall harvest. In fact, many experts recommend waiting until mid-July to plant so that you can avoid infestation of a specific type of squash bug.

use a rope and plastic bags cut into strips to tie it to a t-post. It has gone over the top of the 5 foot post so I have since added an extension on it.

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How to Make a Garden Fountain

A fountain Is composed of three things: water, which flows up a pipe and trickles back down in a continuous cycle; a pump, which propels the water; and a piece of sculpture, over which the water flows. The sculpture can be built from any material that will withstand constant water. For the project shown here, we used large stones found on-site, but pavers, some metals, or pottery.

Shopping List:
a Pump : Look for one labeled “submersible.”
½-Inch Copper Pipe: to carry the water from the pump to the top of the fountain.
Waterproof Basin: such as a plastic storage bin.
Stones: or other material to make the fountain body. Choose something that stacks easil.
Small Rocks: such as terra-cotta shards or tumbled glass, to cover the top of the pit.
Screen: to protect the pump from debris.
Composite Decking: such as Trex or TimberTech, to support the fountain.
Drainage Gravel: for in and under the catch basin.
1-inch PVC Conduit: to carry the pump’s power cord underground to the outlet.