How to grow strawberry in an old garden boots

Fill the boot with newspaper to keep them sturdy while cutting. Drill holes into the sole of the boot for drainage, and then use the craft knife to cut two holes in the sides of the boot. The holes should be the size of the plant’s root ball. Remove the newspaper.

Add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the boot, making sure it gets into the toes. Fill with potting soil up to the first hole.

Carefully loosen the root ball, and then insert a plant through the first hole. The crown (the top of the roots) should be level with the soil surface. Fill with more soil to the second hole and add the second plant. Leave a deep hole at the top of the boot, then insert third strawberry plant.

Rub Vaseline on the outside of the boot and add a layer of eggshells to the top of the soil to prevent snails and slugs from getting to the leaves and fruits.

Place your strawberry boot planter in a sunny spot. A sunny front door, back door or patio is a perfect location, as birds are less likely to go there and pick at the fruits.

Be careful not to overwater or the plants will rot. Feed the plants with tomato fertilizer every one or two weeks until they begin to fruit.
You will need : 
  1. rubber boots
  2. strawberry plants (3 per boot)
  3. newspaper
  4. drill
  5. craft knife
  6. Vaseline
  7. clean, crushed eggshells
  8. tomato fertilizer
Steps :
  1. Cut Holes Into The Boot
  2. Fill The Boots With Soil
  3. Add The Plants
  4. Keep Pests Away
  5. Place And Water