Making Stepping Stones

Hello! It’s Roberta…again. This is me and my little 5 yr. old bundle of love. I love to cook, run, and be a Mom! My husband is the greatest Dad, and husband EVER and well life couldn’t get much better. Since life is so great, let’s preserve a little of that happiness by making memories with stepping stones!

Home made stepping stones are a great way to personalize your garden, walkway, or anywhere! These stepping stones make great gifts and are also great keepsakes if they are made using kid’s hand prints or footprints.

While you can run to a craft store and buy a kit for around $20.00, if you gather together your own supplies you will save money on your stepping stone projects!  The main supplies you need to make a stepping stone is a mold, cement or concrete, and items to decorate or embellish it.
The first thing you should do is to protect your work surface. Lay down some newspaper, or an old tablecloth. Weather permitting, you can make these outside!
Set your mold on your work surface. I used clear, plastic planter saucers, and they worked perfect! If you are brave enough to try a cake pan or other household item, you should try coating them with a heavy coat of cooking spray or petroleum jelly.

Now, you are ready to mix up the concrete. Follow the manufacturers directions on the bag of concrete you are using. I used a bag of Quikrete, which really had no specific directions. I discovered that a mixture of 5 parts concrete to 1 part water worked well. Your mixture will vary depending on what kind of concrete you use, but the wet mixture should have the consistency of thick brownie batter.