Summer Wreaths

Our summer tag sale is just a week away (yikes!) and I'm trying to tie up loose ends. That includes making a few summer wreaths. For our first few sales, I always made a seasonal wreath for the front and back doors. They were purely for decoration and to say ... welcome to our little house on Main Street!

Well much to my surprise, people kept asking to buy them. So now I make a new batch of wreaths for each sale. It's a nice break from painting and for some reason, I find it very relaxing!

I tend to like simple wispy wreaths with lots of greenery. And since it's summer, I made a few with seashells.

I love making bows and I was excited to find this white burlap ribbon!

We've been getting thunderstorms almost every day and the skies cleared yesterday afternoon just in time to get a few pictures.

Did you notice how they look like a matching pair? Well that's because they are headed to a wedding! They are a custom order to hang on a pair of dark wood double doors at a church! I brought them inside to hang on my hutch to see how they will look together.

My instructions were simple - burlap bows and yellow wildflowers. Other than that, just pick whatever looked good together.

They will have to travel quite a distance, so I stitched the ends of the bows - no fraying allowing this time around.

I added some pussy willow because I knew the wedding colors were yellow and gray. And after I finished them, the mother of the bride told me that the only other flowers at the church will be pots of ferns. I was so excited that I had used ferns as part of the greenery!